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06 octobre 2018

The Thin Blue Line 1988 - documentary

In October 1976, 28-year-old Randall Adams and his brother left Ohio for California. En route, they arrived in Dallas on Thanksgiving night. The next morning, Adams was offered a job. On the following Saturday, Adams went to start work but no one turned up because it was a weekend. On the way home, his car ran out of fuel.

David Ray Harris (1960-2004),[3] who had just turned sixteen, drove in a car he had stolen from his neighbor in Vidor, Texas before driving to Dallas armed with his father's pistol and a shotgun. Along the way, Harris encountered Adams walking with gasoline canister in hand and offered him a lift. The two spent most of the following day together during which time they consumed alcohol and marijuana. That evening they went to a drive-in movie.

Robert Wood, a Dallas police officer, was working the graveyard shift with his partner, Teresa Turko, one of the first female police officers in Dallas that was ever assigned to patrol duty. Shortly after midnight, Officer Wood stopped the stolen car occupied by Harris, in the 3400 block of North Hampton Road because, as officially recorded, its headlights were not on. As Wood approached the vehicle on the driver's side, he was shot twice by the occupant - whom officer Turko later testified in court as not having seen, as she was (also according to her testimony) standing directly behind the stolen vehicle when the shots were fired. Turko further testified that the vehicle sped off almost immediately after the shooting, giving her little time to react; according to her testimony she managed to fire upon the fleeing vehicle but to no avail.

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