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03 octobre 2018

The Red Baron: The Most Feared Fighter Pilot Of WW1 - Documentary

The Red Baron: The Most Feared Fighter Pilot Of WW1
His scarlet plane was feared by the British during the Great War. But before becoming the famous Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen, the aviator with 80 victories, stationed in the Douaisis, Brayelle and Roucourt. It is there that in the spring of 1917, he forged his legend by painting his airplane of this color which earned him to be compared to the devil ...

Roucourt. He was the ace of German aviation ace during the Great War. Manfred Von Richthofen, nicknamed the Red Baron, parked at Brayelle then in the small village of Roucourt from April 13 to June 27, 1917.

It is in the Douaisis that forged the legend of the most successful pilot of the First World War with 80 victories to his credit. Baron Von Richthofen and his men were lodged in the castle that still exists today.

It was during his stay in Douai that the gifted German aviation decided to paint his plane in bright red. Dreaded by the English, as if he were the devil himself, he inherited the nickname of Baron or Red Devil.

Douay's victories

Commander of the Jasta 11 (Jagdstaffel) which means "fighter squadron", the airman at the controls of his famous Fokker DR1 signed some victories in the Douai sky.

The first, on October 11, 1916, was unhooked above La Brayelle-Douai. He signed others above Vitry-en-Artois but also in the Lewardois sky.

His squadron, which also includes his brother Lothar Richthofen, shot down about 100 enemy aircraft in the first three months of 1917, as against only two lost planes. This unit was then integrated into the Jagdgeshwader 1, nicknamed the fliegender Zirkus (air circus or squadron aces). In the month of April 1917 alone, twenty British planes were shot down.

Shot in the Somme

The Red Baron was the commander until his death on April 21, 1918. The ace of heaven perished on a mission over the Somme. The last commander of this unit was Hermann Göring, sadly known as Hitler's right hand man, of which he was the Air Force Minister.

Five aces of the German air force landed at the Douai base and resided in the Gayant city: Manfred Von Richthofen, Max Immelman, Oswald Booelcke, Lothar Von Richthofen and Ernst Udet.

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