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04 octobre 2018

Secrets of the Samurai Sword - Documentary

One weapon has dominated the battlefields of Japan for over a thousand years. It’s known as the Samurai sword and it dates back to before the 10th Century. This weapon is so fearsome that it can split a man in two and yet so precise it can cut a single human hair. It is so technologically perfect in structure and so beautiful in creation that it gave rise to an aristocratic warrior creed. No other weapon in the world is regarded as having a spirit of its own. This makes the Japanese sword the ultimate weapon— it has everything the perfect weapon should have.

This film takes an intimate look at the swordsmiths, foundries, and fighting schools to reveal what it takes to make the perfect sword and to give its blade terrifying sharpness and formidable strength.

The word Samurai means ‘those who serve’. Only certain men could become Samurai. Being chosen meant a lifetime of training and discipline that would set each man apart from the rest of society. To become a Samurai meant having honor, pride, and belonging to an elite group. Only the best were chosen.

The Katana sword is said to be have the perfect balance of beauty, artistry, and sharpness. A place in southwest Japan, called The House of the Gods, still makes the metal for true Katana swords. The iron sand found locally is extremely pure. The magic begins when the carbon and the charcoal combine with the iron sand to form a unique kind of steel. The birth of a Katana begins in a traditional smelting furnace where men who have worked the craft for decades, stay awake for 36 hours to make sure they produce the best possible steel. The secrets of this ancient craft fascinates modern metallurgists.

The combination of iron plus carbon in the sword gives it flexibility. In the hands of a trained Samurai, this gives it a power that transcends size and weight.

In another town 300 Km away, a swordsmith whose family has been in the profession for 800 years, receives the pieces of raw steel from the smelters. He examines each piece carefully to decide which portions are qualified for his next sword.

The forging of a Katana will take three men more than three months to complete, but the product is worth the hard work. Watch this now.

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