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18 octobre 2018

Locked Up Abroad: Party Girl - full documentary

Locked up abroad party girl
Locked Up Abroad Delhi begins in 1999, when Clare Matthews, a heartbroken Londoner travels to Goa, India. She finds she enjoys being in the country so much that when she runs out of money, she overcomes her initial fear and indulges in a scheme to make fast cash by hiding two pounds of hashish in a statue and mailing it to Europe.

In time, her lifestyle of partying gets out of control and she keeps needing more and more money. So she ships another parcel with hashish to Europe, and then another but the third one is not delivered. The courier company says they have lost the address and they ask her to go to the post office to pick up a fax.

With reservations, as she suspects it is a trap, Clare, still desperate for money, reluctantly picks up the fax. She is arrested and winds up spending years in one of the largest prisons in Asia waiting trial. Finally, she is given a five-year sentence which she has already served. But right after she is released, Clare’s attorney tells her that her sentence has been extended for another five years. Devastated, Clare spends three more months in prison until the judge relents and allows her to return to London.

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