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18 octobre 2018

Locked Up Abroad: Busted in Bali - full documentary

locked up abroad: busted in bali
In 1985 Australian Chris Parnell was arrested and jailed on charges of smuggling 12 kgs of hashish into Bali. He feigned madness and was transferred to a mental ward, from which he tried to escape. But the attempt ended in disaster as he crashed through a flimsy roof back into the asylum. After this he stood trial and was sentenced to life in prison. Determined to get out and prove his innocence, he made a further daring escape attempt disguised as a woman, but was recaptured. In all, he spent 11 years in a spiralling prison nightmare which culminated in him being declared dead in a prison morgue after an attack by a gang of inmates. He miraculously survived, and was eventually granted a presidential pardon and released in 1996.

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