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06 octobre 2018

cine experimental / Koyaanisqatsi / (1982)

Koyaanisqatsi is an experimental documentary film made by Godfrey Reggio and released in 1982. Since 2000, he has been ranked in the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress in Washington1. The soundtrack of the work composed by Phillip Glass has now become "cult" and has been used in many subsequent works.

The film is not a narrative but documentary work. He proposes images where one plays on the scales of space and time to show the spectator the world in which he lives from a different angle, and invite him to conclude in the sense that he deems fit. This film can be considered at times as an enthusiastic description of technology, sometimes on the contrary as a sharp criticism of it. The director admits to having wanted to show what he calls the beauty of the beast2.

One thing is certain when you look at the film: the technology that, until recently (at the time of the Hopi, for example) was only utilitarian, is now ubiquitous and develops according to its own logic. An impressive image of a city seen from the sky at different scales ends with the photograph of the circuits of a microprocessor; the picture is clear: the human population, when taken as a whole, has (almost) as much freedom of action as electrons in a microprocessor. Even if the individual remains free, his whole, it is not totally and is not programmed to be. The frenzy of urban activity (in the highly aesthetic sequence The Grid, rotated at an accelerated pace) alternates with a striking image of boredom and inner emptiness of individuals when they are no longer producing (idle sequences ).

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