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06 octobre 2018

Bill Cunningham New York - Full Documentary

Bill Cunningham
Bill Cunningham is the father of what is now called street style. This photographer has roamed the streets of New York for more than 50 years, armed with his film and his bike, ready to find the latest urban trends. His remarks are published in his New York Times column "On the Streets".

Richard Press's documentary Bill Cunningham New York shares with us the life story of this life-giving character. From shooting sessions in the streets of Manhattan to photo montages in his column, Bill Cunningham conveys his vision of fashion: according to him, it is an armor to face the daily grind. The atmosphere is intimate and Bill Cunningham is unvarnished. If you want to see passion and motivation in a pure state, I highly recommend you to take a look. For information, Mr Cunningham, more than 80 years, is still motivated and that, it's really fun to see.

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