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30 septembre 2018

Westinghouse: The Life and Times of An American Icon

WestinghouseEngineer, inventor and industrialist George Westinghouse, Jr. [1846-1914] invented a safety brake for railroad cars and then invested in alternating current electrical power, beating Edison's costly direct current system to become the worldwide electric light and mechanical power standard.

1846 - George Westinghouse Jr. is born on October 6, in (Old) Central Bridge, NY. 1862 - Westinghouse joins the U.S. Navy. 1865 - Westinghouse receives his first patent for a rotary steam engine at age 19. 1869 - Westinghouse develops the air brake and establishes the Westinghouse Air Brake Co. at age 23 1871 - Westinghouse gives his employees a half day off on Saturday. 1881 - Westinghouse perfects the first automatic, electric block signal designed to prevent wrecks and help move rail traffic. 1882 - Westinghouse organizes the Union Switch and Signal Co. 1886 - The Westinghouse Electric Co. is founded in Pittsburgh, PA. 1905 - Westinghouse introduces the first alternating current locomotive. 1908 - Westinghouse begins a pension fund for his workers. 1911 - Westinghouse and others develop a marine steam turbine-and-gear combination to propel ships and cargo vessels. 1913 - Westinghouse initiates paid vacations for his employees. 1914 - Westinghouse dies on March 12 in New York City, at age 67. As a Civil War veteran, he was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

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