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27 septembre 2018

Unearthing Genghis Khan's Legendary Mongol Empire - Documentary

Unearthing Genghis Khan's Legendary Mongol Empire - Documentary
Genghis Khan was born in 1162 during the Mongol Khamag, in what corresponds to the present province of Khentii in Mongolia, died in August 1227, is the founder of the Mongol Empire, the largest continuous empire of all time, estimated at its maximum extension to 33.2 million km2 in 1268 under Kubilai Khan, his grandson.

Coming from a clan chief of the Bordjigin tribe, he uses his political and military genius to bring together several nomadic tribes from East Asia and Central Asia under the common identity of "Mongolians"; he becomes the khan (ruler), then the Chingis Khaan (emperor or supreme ruler), before even embarking on the conquest of China. At the end of his reign, he controlled a large part of Asia, with, besides Mongolia, North China and Sogdiana.

After his death, the empire was considerably enlarged by his successors who still ruled it for more than 150 years. His grandson, Kubilai Khan, is the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty in China.

For the Mongols, who consider him the father of their nation, Genghis Khan is a legendary figure surrounded by great respect. But in many parts of Asia ravaged by his wars or those of his successors, he is considered a ruthless conqueror and bloodthirsty.

He established laws in favor of women, to avoid conflicts between tribes. Thus, the prohibition of abducting women, selling them to spouses and prohibiting adultery are the principles of his empire.

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