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21 septembre 2018


Siddhārtha Gautama (Sanskrit, Pāli: Siddhattha Gotama), said Shakyamuni ("sage of the Śākyas") or Buddha ("Awakened"), is a spiritual leader who lived in the sixth century BC. BC or the fifth century BC. J.-C., historical founder of a community of errant monks2 which will give birth to Buddhism.
He was born in Lumbini, located in what is now Nepal, 3 on the road to Kapilavastu, the capital of the family clan, in the current Nepalese Terai, 4 of Māyādevī and Śuddhodana, ruler of the Śākyas belonging to the k desatriyas caste of warriors and administrators, and was active in the states of Kosala and Magadha in the northeast of present-day India.

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