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30 septembre 2018

Sea the Truth-full documentary



The documentary Sea the Truth is the sequel to Meat the Truth, the first film of the Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation and a worldwide success. Meat the Truth not only showed that the livestock industry and consecutive meat consumption have a major impact on global warming, but also offered an action-based perspective. Introducing just one meat-free day a week in the Netherlands yields the same effect as reducing the number of cars on our roads by no fewer than one million.

People often turn to eating fish to limit their meat consumption. Nutritionists propagate eating fish twice a week as it is packed with nutrition. These healthy nutrients are however easily obtained from other food sources, whereas fish may also contain large amounts of toxins. And, most important of all, the sea is not an unlimited cornucopia that we can continue to empty at will without serious repercussions.

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