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27 septembre 2018

Hitler's Right Hand Man: Hermann Göring

herman goring Placed immediately after Adolf Hitler in the Nazi hierarchy, Hermann Göring is, in the Third Reich, the second political figure of the German state. In response to the investigating officer who, in June 1945, questioned him, Göring declined his titles: "Commander-in-Chief of the Luftwaffe (aviation war), Minister of the Air, Prime Minister of Prussia, President of the Reichstag , Forest Conservator, Marshal of the Reich. This list is only a very brief summary of all titles and jobs of Göring in the Third Reich. Is he not, besides, great huntsman of the Reich, commissioner for the four-year plan, the appointed successor of the Führer by the decree of June 29, 1941?

Unlike Hitler, son of a simple Austrian customs officer, Göring's father is a graduate of the universities of Bonn (Germany) and Heidelberg (Germany), Dr. Heinrich Göring, who became a senior Prussian official and a friend of Bismarck. Hermann is sent to the Cadet School in Karlsruhe, Germany, from where he then goes to the Gross Lichterfelde Military School. He is a second lieutenant of infantry. The war of 1914 arose. Full of audacity, Göring was at first a perfect intelligence officer, then he entered the air force. He proved himself an excellent fighter pilot and obtained twenty-two aerial victories in the famous squadron of the Freiherr Manfred von Richthofen. When he died in aerial combat, Göring succeeded him in 1918 at the head of this training. Demobilized as captain at the end of the war, Göring finds himself without occupation; he does not wish to serve the Weimar Republic and, on the other hand, he has an urgent need to earn money. To live, he goes to Denmark, then to Sweden, where he makes aerial demonstrations and sells parachutes. He seduces Countess Carin von Kantzow, who is five years older than him. When, in 1922, he returned to Bavaria, Carin followed him, then married him. He will show a great love for this woman.

It was at this time that Göring attended a Nazi meeting and heard about Hitler. Enthusiastic, he saw the Führer again the next day and immediately joined the National Socialist Party: until the end of his life and even after the death of Hitler, Göring remained faithful to his leader. Appreciating this former disciplined officer, Hitler entrusts him with his SA (Sturmabteilung: assault sections). On 8 and 9 November 1923, during the failed coup in Munich (Germany), Göring was near the Führer at the head of the column. Seriously wounded, he must flee to Innsbruck (Austria), where he is treated. After his recovery, Göring, who can not return to Germany (he would be arrested immediately), stays in Venice (Italy), then in Sweden.

In 1927, amnestied, he returned to his homeland and immediately reconnected with Hitler. In the elections of May 20, 1928, for the first time, Göring was elected deputy to the Reichstag. Arriviste, ambitious, the new parliamentarian then reveals his personality, his taste for luxury, honors and uniforms. Intelligent, attending high society, Göring is increasingly hostile to the bullies of the SA and their leader Ernst Röhm. The unconditional loyalty of the "salon Nazi", "Hitler's paladin" (so-called Göring) finally bore fruit. Already head of the Nazi parliamentary group of the Reichstag, Hermann Göring was elected president of this assembly in 1932. He thus appears, from this date, as one of the first personages of the State.

When, on January 30, 1933, Hitler became Chancellor of the Reich, Göring was appointed Minister of the Interior of Prussia. Instigator of the providential fire of the Reichstag, he can get rid of the Communists by accusing them of this crime. Then he creates the Gestapo, the concentration camps, and approves in advance the murders committed by the police. Hörler's ally against Röhm, Göring prepares the trap in which he will bring down the dangerous head of> SA.

Reich Commissioner for the Air Force, then Minister of the Air, with the rank of general, Göring knows how to make the most of his collaborators, although his technical knowledge in this field is rather limited. Under his apparent direction, a powerful air fleet was born. Implacable, Göring manages to dismiss generals Blomberg and Fritsch, while Hitler gives him the highest rank of the German army: Field Marshal.
Having all the titles and jobs he could desire, leading a lavish and indolent life, collecting paintings and works of art, Göring fears war, which could lead to the collapse of the Third Reich and his own. Desiring to keep the peace, he then gets in touch with Birger Dahlerus, a Swedish businessman in relation with very influential Englishmen. But he lacks moral courage and does not want to risk his career: his secret interviews with these Englishmen lead to no result; the war broke out in September 1939. After the victorious Polish campaign, Göring makes an unthinking decision that will decide the fate of German aviation and possibly the war: he stops researching new types of aircraft to focus the entire effort of the aviation industry on the massive production of existing types. This staggering error engenders the slow decline of German aviation, whose models are quickly out of date. Göring's subordinate, the well-known General Udet, the Luftwaffe's equipment manager, commits suicide when he finds that Germany's mad policy is leading Germany to defeat. General Milch, who succeeded Udet, unsuccessfully asks Hitler that Göring be removed from office. The increasing power of Allied bombing, to which the German Air Force can not effectively oppose, proves to the Führer that Marshal Göring has shown himself to be incapable. Hitler orders too late to mass-build Me-262 bombers. When, on May 23, 1945, Göring asked the Führer, holed up in his bunker of the chancery, in Berlin, if he could succeed him according to the decree of June 29, 1941, Hitler, advised by Bormann, objects and does so stop by his SS! In Nuremberg (Germany), Göring defends the Führer's policy and commits suicide rather than execution.

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