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02 septembre 2018

Full Docmentary - Secret Life of Isaac Newton - Full Documentaries Films

                                                      Isaac Newton

Isaac newton
Isaac Newton
Born in Woolsthorpe (England) on 04/01/1642; Died in London (England) on 31/03/1727  TOPDOCUMENTARY PRESENTS: Isaac Newton was born in Woolsthorpe in 1642. A young science enthusiast, he made brilliant studies that led him to integrate Cambridge University in 1661. He then joined his hometown and knew his first questions about the attraction. universal. The fall of an apple at his feet would be at the origin. He develops the first telescope and teaches mathematics. Subsequently, Newton devoted himself to the study of optics and mechanics. In 1687, he published the Principles Mathematics of Natural Philosophy (Principia Mathematica). He exposes his discoveries on the universal attraction of bodies and on gravitation.

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