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26 septembre 2018


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capturing the friedmansCapturing the Friedmans is an American documentary directed by Andrew Jarecki, released in 2004.
The film is an investigation into the court case that led to jail for sexual assault on minors in 1987 science professor Arnold Friedman and his son Jesse. Arnold Friedman gave computer classes to children in his neighborhood and was charged, after receiving a package of pornographic magazines that was intercepted by the police, for having raped the children he was teaching with his son. He will be sentenced to ten years in jail where he commits suicide and his son at thirteen.
The film shows interviews with the various protagonists of the case, the Friedman family, children who accused Arnold Friedman and their parents, the police officer who conducted the investigation, the judge and the lawyers, and a journalist who was one of the first to question the lawsuits for collective child abuse in the 1980s. He also explains that a product purporting to provide access to repressed memories of children has been used in this case, leading to accusations of part of children who initially did not say any. Excerpts from the video diary of David Friedman, Jesse's brother, are also included in the film.

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