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20 septembre 2018

Blackfish Documentary Full Movie

Blackfish Documentary Full Movie
Tilikum is an aggressive killer whale. In captivity in a water park, he killed three people. With the support of shocking images, Blackfish brings in specialists who fight for the maintenance of these animals in the wild. Watch the Blackfish Movie full online free on top documentary .
In 2010, Tilikum, a six-tonne killer whale belonging to the SeaWorld theme park in San Diego, California, violently killed her trainer, Dawn Brancheau, in front of hundreds of spectators. Dawn is unfortunately not the first victim of this killer whale, captured in 1983 off Iceland and known not only for being the largest killer whale ever kept in captivity, but also for killing three people since 1991.
Through impressive images and unpublished interviews with experts and coaches, director Gabriela Cowperthwaite is conducting an unprecedented investigation into the complex nature of these cetaceans, their capture and captivity for 40 years, and camouflage and communication of a billion-dollar entertainment business that could put the lives of its employees at risk.
While re-launching the debate on the captive conditions of orcas for entertainment purposes, BLACKFISH explores our mysterious relationship with marine mammals, and challenges our knowledge of these reasoned animals.

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