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30 septembre 2018

Barack Obama biography-full documentary

Barack Obama  Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1961. His father, a Kenyan economist and politician, and his mother, a young American student of Irish descent, have modest incomes. In 1963, Obama's father flew to the United States to study economics at Harvard University, leaving his family thousands of miles away. The following year, Barack Obama's parents separate after 4 years of marriage. Shirley Obama remarries a few years later with a young Indonesian and the family moves to Jakarta. At age 10, his mother sends the young Barack to live in Honolulu with his maternal grandparents, to be able to go to American high school. After leaving high school, Obama follows a brilliant education: after two years at Western College in Los Angeles, in California, he was admitted to Columbia University in New York, where he graduated in 1983 with a degree in political science, specializing in international relations.

He first worked in a consulting firm serving multinational companies, as a research assistant and then as a financial analyst before leaving everything and became, from 1985, a community organizer in the dark neighborhood of Bronzeville. For two years, nicknamed "Baby Face" by local pastors, he helps residents to defend their interests and advocates for the opening of employment offices, or to fight against juvenile delinquency. In 1987, he was accepted into Harvard Law School from which he graduated three years later with the magna cum laude designation and became, in doing so, the first African-American elected editor-in-chief of the prestigious Harvard Law Review, an event which is causing a sensation in the national newspapers. He then chooses the path of teaching by accepting a constitutional law professor position at the University of Chicago, where he practices until 2004.

In 1992, he married in Chicago Michelle Robinson, a renowned lawyer, influential figure of the local Democratic Party. It is on his advice that he will embark on politics. In 1996, Barack Obama was elected Senator of the State of Illinois. Throughout his mandate, he supports legislation for homosexuals, extending medical coverage to the most disadvantaged and distinguished himself from 2002 by being among the first to refuse the war in Iraq launched despite everything a few months later by the Bush administration. In July 2004, he once again got to know Democratic activists but also many Americans by his speech designating John Kerry candidate of the party in the presidential election in which he apologized for the American dream. A few months later, on November 2, 2004, Barack Obama was elected to the United States Senate.

In February 2007, Barack announced this time his candidacy for the Democratic nomination, despite the democratic competition of the much appreciated Hillary Clinton, hitherto preferred for the primary. He leads a campaign on the themes of change and hope, which particularly enthuses a portion of independent voters and young people. Many celebrities, businessmen, actors, actresses, TV presenters, rallied to his cause. On January 3, 2008, to the surprise of all, Barack Obama won the last primary and after the decision of Hillary Clinton to suspend his campaign to the Democratic nomination, he is officially invested. He won the presidential election, with more than 9 million votes ahead of his opponent John McCain. He thus becomes the first black president in the history of this country ... Soon, he is confronted with major problems: war in Iraq and Afghanistan, crisis in the Middle East, major recession of the American economy and financial crisis. more global economy. On October 9, 2009, he received the Nobel Peace Prize. During his tenure, he signed one of his greatest successes in successfully carrying out the operation aimed at Osama bin Laden, killed in Abbottadab, Pakistan, by the special forces on May 1, 2011.

As promised during his campaign, he withdraws American troops from Iraq, while he increases those present in Afghanistan. It succeeds narrowly, after many vicissitudes and several concessions of all kinds, to get passed the text organizing the reform of the American health system to allow the creation, at the federal level, of a "universal health insurance", but without for impose mandatory health coverage (except children). Lastly, it promulgates several laws - arguments of its campaign - like that on the tax relief, the job creations and the renewal of authorization of the unemployment insurance. On April 4, 2011, Barack Obama announces that he is running for president in the 2012 presidential election. But this time, it will be more difficult to focus his campaign around the themes of change and hope.He announced his inaugural speech as Democratic candidate on September 4, 2012, at the closing of his party's convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. He can once again count on the support of his wife Michelle Obama, First Lady much appreciated by the Americans and his two daughters, Malia Ann (born in 1998) and Natasha, nicknamed Sasha (born in 2001) during this campaign shoulder to shoulder with Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

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